Michael Turk for #MS2012!

Posted by Jamie Holland on September 5, 2012

Five years ago, I would have gotten in trouble for "facebooking" at work.  Now, in 2012, it's part of my job to tweet, post, check-in, mention, like, and tag to my heart's content...and then some.  As you well know, social media has revolutionized how we can stay in touch with friends, network for business, hear about upcoming concerts and events, read the headlines, and yes...even how we enjoy our favorite television programming.  It seems to go without saying that the role social media plays in our everyday lives cannot be understated.  That is why I am jumping for joy that social media guru, Michael Turk, will be presenting at Marketing Summit 2012 (#ms2012) in November!

For those of you who don't know, Michael Turk is kind of a big deal.  He was previously the Vice President of Industry Grassroots for the NCTA (where he started the Cable Tech Talk blog), and also successfully managed Internet operations for not one...not two...but three Presidential campaigns.  In fact, at the time when social media just started to become really influential, he was the eCampaign Director for Bush-Cheney '04 (do I need to point out who won that election?).  He has since founded his own company, Opinion Mover Strategy, a communications consulting firm in Washington, DC.

Okay, you get it, the guy looks great on paper and is beyond qualified to lead a discussion on social media as it relates to our industry.  Just as important is that the guy has charisma.  In just one phone call and a few emails, I am convinced this is not going to be some boring lecture.  The man is a walking encyclopedia on all things cable telecommunications and has something to offer everyone.  Want to know how to appeal to subscribers through Facebook? Curious as to how your programming can get more tweets and mentions from viewers?  This guy is your man.

But don't take my word for it: see it for yourself.  Join us for  Marketing Summit 2012 this November 12-13 in Nashville, TN. Check out our (beautiful) new website's Events section for more details by clicking here.

See you then!


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