• High Speed and High Tech Communications Serve You

    Banking. Homework. Online shopping. Working from home. These are only a few of the countless ways you use high speed internet and the high-tech communications provided by members of the TN Cable and Telecommunications Association.

  • TCTA Members Work & Live in Your Community

    Across Tennessee, cable operators employ 4,516 and the industry employs 37,620 of our neighbors directly and through support service jobs. The economic impact to Tennessee by TCTA members is $5.6 billion.

  • TCTA works with our National Team

    Joining our fellow cable and telecommunications workers across the country, TCTA works with the National Cable Telecommunications Association, NCTA, in finding solutions for your family, your community and your business. NCTA represents more than 90% of our nation’s cable television households and more than 200 cable program networks.